Video Collection

Video Interview Presenters

Shalom Posternack

Shalom Posternack

Mystic, Founder, MindPi, WideCanna, Abraham's Tent of Meeting

Itamar Zadoff

Itamar Zadoff

University of Haifa


Ido Hartogsohn

Author, American Trip: Set, Setting and the Psychedelic Experience
Professor, Bar Ilan University

ramona moonflower rubin

Ramona Moonflower Rubin

Founder, Healing Forest Guide
Co-founder, Doc Green's Healing Collective

yahav erev

Yahav Erez

Content Creator

Arthur Green

Rector, Hebrew College
Author, Judiasm for the World
Author, A New Hadism: Roots and Branches


Yoseph Needelman-Ruiz

Author, Cannabis Chassidis


Leor Roseman

Centre for Psychedelic Research, Imperial College London